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Welcome to the NBA Blog! In the NBA Tumblr we love the NBA and Tumblr. We also Love our Followers. Hi the name is Willie I give the news to whats happening in the NBA and Random Pictures from the NBA 24/7. We also do a lot of countdowns like Top 10 or Top 50. Get Ready Followers this Season will be different. :)

NOTICE*(I have members who also works on this blog, so I won't always be the one answering your questions or blogging.)

Also If you want to leave a message about the NBA or questions. Feel free to ask us. I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

(I want to let all The followers and anyone know that I don't pick favorites in teams or players, We post whatever comes up in The NBA Official Website, ESPN, and Yahoo Sports.) Also I do not own the Rights of the NBA or Tumblr Thank You.



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