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Dear Followers,

The whole Chris Paul, Commissioner Stern, Houston Rockets and Lakers Dilemma has been a real headache.  Really there is one athlete who has a problem which is sad.  Brandon Roy from the Portland Trail Blazers will be retiring this season from the NBA because of a knee injury that has been a serious cause to his cartilage in both knee’s.  I feel really bad for him and that he had a short NBA career as superstar.  Him and Yao Ming are great players who had a short wonderful career to remember.  Roy was drafted 1st round 6th Overall pick, the Rookie of the Year of 2007, 3x All-Star, All-NBA Second Team, All-NBA Third Team, and NBA All-Rookie First Team.  If he did continued on with his career he would of been a great guard in Portland for along time just like Clyde Drexler.  I remember I bought these Nike Air Max Flight ‘11 Brandon Roy couple of months ago.  I bought them by accident because I wanted the Hyperdunks, but I’m kind of glad I did got them.  At least I could say that I bought a shoe that represented a great player named Brandon Roy. 

(Source: Yahoo!)

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    Brandon Roy, you will be missed.
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